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Heat Map Tracking


Many times a marketing company will attempt to change every aspect of your current website and campaigning techniques immediately. The truth, which Farotech recognizes, is that there is a strong possibility that the time, energy and money you have spent to create what you already have has some positive aspects that should be retained.

In order to determine which things should stay and which things need to be let go or changed, we add the most advanced tracking technology possible to your existing website.

Our Heat Mapping technology is broken into three different assessments. These include:

  • Heat Mapping: This technology tracks mouse movements, clicks and gives us information about where visitors spend the most time/energy on your site (most used areas).
  • Scroll Mapping: This technology studies where on the page vertically your users spend the most time and energy. It is viewed as one large heatmap and is connected to a temperature gauge to relay information to us about where visitors are scrolling on your pages.
  • Confetti: This technology shows every click that has been made on your website and the source of that click. Sources include: Google visitors, Pay Per Click (PPC) visitors, referred websites, etc.

The goal of all of this is to put the right content and the right offers in the right place on your site to maximize its usability and conversion potential. When we understand your visitor’s user experience, we will know where to place best offers.

Farotech also uses unique technology to place cookies on your web visitor’s computers. This allows us to know whether visitors are first time users or returning users. We can also track where visitors are coming from. These sources include various search engines, linked websites and other pages of your own site.